Thursday, December 20, 2007

Canada Finds DataPipe EHS Software from Knorr Associates

Recently, Knorr Associates' began working closely with Levitt-Safety to bring DataPipe EHS Software to the Canadian marketplace. DataPipe is ideally suited for the Canadian marketplace because of its ability to adapt to various provincial regulations. So while you have a company that spans multiple provinces, each user can have their version of the system configured to their provinces' regulations. And their reports parallel this adaptability as well.

Knorr Associates Inc. has been providing DataPipe, the complete EH&S information management software solution for nearly 30 years. DataPipe is smart and simple, modular software solution for collecting and managing environment, occupational health, safety and industrial hygiene information. The system offers point-and-click reporting, data exchange utilities, automated e-mail messaging, complete customization down to the user level and more. It also provides automated interfacing with labs, instruments and other external systems for accessing enterprise EH&S information. The software can be run as a Web or Windows application and is database independent utilizing either Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 - your choice.

DataPipe has the ability to customize itself to any countries business rules by changing the language in which it displays its forms or the units it uses. Because it can so easily be configured, workflow and strategies can be altered from company to company to accomodate various county specific regulations in the EHS marketplace. Reports can be modified or written to fall in-line with the business local regulations.

To learn more about the DataPipe system as it applies to the Canadian EHS marketplace, please contact Levitt-Safety or Knorr Associates.