Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Risk Management Software

Organizations have been doing a lot to mitigate risk and lower costs. With OSHA fining many companies for risks, injuries and worker safety issues, coming up with new ways to stay compliant has become paramount. Risk management software has been implemented at many organziations in an attempt to battle this ongoing problem. Risk management software solutions such as DataPipe EHS Software are being utilized to relieve the cost of workplace safety related issues.

Monday, June 23, 2008

DataPipe - The complete EHS information managment software solution.

DataPipe - The complete EHS information managment software solution.

Knorr Associates Inc. has been providing DataPipe, the complete EH&S information management software solution for nearly 30 years (since 1979). DataPipe is a smart and simple, modular software solution for collecting and managing environment, occupational health, safety and industrial hygiene data. The system offers point-and-click reporting, data exchange utilities, automated e-mail messaging, complete point-&-click customization throughout the system from global down to the individual user level. It also provides automated interfacing with labs, instruments and other external systems for accessing enterprise EH&S information.

The software can be run as a Web or Windows application and is database independent utilizing Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 - your choice. Don’t have IT support or a manageable network infrastructure? That’s ok - Run DataPipe via a web-based managed application service provider.

Learn more about DataPipe at Knorr Associates website.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Emissions Tracking

Emissions Tracking has many benefits. As you start to improve your emissions tracking program and you see trends that will lead you to cost savings and will let you clean up your workplace environment. You may start to see a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air in your workplace. As global warming becomes more and more important to nations and moves to the forefront, we may see emissions tracking becoming as important as energy. You can start to improve your EHS emissions tracking program through tools such as the DataPipe EHS information management software solution.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

EHS Emissions Tracking

EHS Emissions tracking or greenhouse gas emissions tracking have been in the spotlight for the last few years as the concern over global warming grows. Nations have taken a more aggressive stance towards companies that are responsible for these hazardous emissions. Companies utilizing data management suites like DataPipe EHS have been able to stay compliant with city, state and federal regulations.

Friday, June 13, 2008

DataPipe EHS Software at National Conventions

Knorr Associates recently participated in three national conventions to showcase its EHS software data management product - DataPipe. Each show highlighted one area of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety. The AOHC show brought doctors out to NYC to look at our occupational health capabilities. The AOHN show in Salt lake City, Utah brought out occupational Health nurses and the AIHce show in Minneapolis showcased DataPipe to industrial hygienists and safety people. All the shows were a great success and we look forward to working with each group as we move forward. On a side note, DataPipe also has a third component for environment and waste management. Our complete suite covers cradle to grave management and we encourage you to take a look in an online demo.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Knorr Associates Launches New Website

Recently Knorr Associates launched a brand new website to showcase its EHS software data management product - DataPipe. This updated site comes with a newly branded look and feel showcasing the three main markets of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety. Throughout the site visitors will find helpful information about EHS software implementation, and modules specific to managing and reporting on data in those markets. DataPipe EHS Software will assist companies in compliance issues and through data mining and analysis, help to mitigate risk and loss.

Monday, April 7, 2008


HSE Software
What is "HSE Software"?

HSE is an acronym for Environment, Health and Safety. The term "HSE Software" really refers to a database driven enterprise software application that covers data from the various broad fields of environment and waste management, occupational health and medical, safety and industrial hygiene. Typically an HSE manager would be responsible for collecting and storing HSE data for their organization in an HSE software application. That HSE manager will use data over long periods of time to do trending, risk analysis and data mining by utilizing HSE Software reporting tools. HSE managers can play a large roll in compliance, minimization of risk and savings corporate wide with an HSE software tool at their disposal.

When discussing HSE software, you will often here terms like integrating information technology or enterprise information management or data management to describe these types of systems. The main goal of these HSE software systems is to bring together large amounts of data from various disciplines into one centralized data management application (usually driven by a back end database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or DB2). In doing so, an organization can now start looking at their data over longer periods of time to see trends and act on them. This leads to one of the most important aspects of any business which can be handled by HSE software - Risk Management.

Risk management can be stated simply as setting action plans in the face of uncertainty by first understanding and issues related to risk, loss or other incident that can negatively effect your business. HSE software is critical to a successful risk management program. Analysis of your organization's data in ways that have not been looked at before can lead to positive change. This type of trending can only be accomplished with a software solution that can integrate all aspects of your HSE program into one centralized database.

When an organization rolls out an integrated enterprise HSE software solution they are incorporating many areas that until now, have most likely been independent of each other. In some organizations this means that each department has its own excel, access or home built database. Sometimes a few departments even incorporate and off-the-shelf (OTS) software solution. But in the end, each system and each department still works independently of each other without sharing and analyzing data as a whole.

Injury and Illness and OSHA 300

DataPipe EHS Software deals with OSHA reportable incidents in an easy and efficient manner. One of the most important modules that deal with health and safety in any organization is the Injury and Illness module.

It deals specifically with injury and illness information; employee, cause code, body part code, cost, treatment, disposition. Primary uses are OSHA 101 & 200 & OSHA 300 and 301, first report of injury, and risk management-style reports. Required by Workers Comp. module. May be used with General Incidents to link multiple sub-incidents together, but does not require the Incidents, General Module.

DataPipe has many modules that work in conjunction with the Injury and illness module. Our general Incidents modules is an umbrella module that keeps track of all kinds of incidents relating to one specific event and categorizes them under one incident ID. This allows you to manage an event in one easy to access report which is searchable by that incident ID.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I have been trying to jot down a few notes about EHS software and create essentially an EHS software guide for people trying to figure out what they should look for when implementing this kind of solution for the EHS data management needs. I am linking to a page that has begun to create an EHS software guide. Perhaps this will be a good start. There is a lot of information on that EHS Software website that may be helpful. I will do some more research and try to put out a guide of my own down the road.

Some Keywords:
EHS Sofware Guide
EH&S Software Guide
Environment Health and Safety Software Guide
Environment and Waste Management
Occupational Health and Medical
Safety And Industrial Hygiene

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

HSE Software

The use of HSE Software in industry is on the rise. Corporations, institutions and governments are all turning to HSE software to manage their Health, Safety and Environment data. By managing this data in one centralized and integrated database, managers can start to understand their corporate data better through trending, data mining, analyses and ultimately mitigate risk, reduce loss and improve compliance corporate wide. To learn more about HSE software, visit Knorr Associates Inc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Define Incident Management

Incident management refers to the activities of an organization to identify, analyze and correct hazards. For instance, a fire in a factory would be a risk that realized, or an incident that happened. An Incident Response Team (IRT) or an Incident Management Team (IMT), specifically designated for the task beforehand or on the spot, would then manage the organization through the incident.

Usually as part of the wider management process in private organizations, incident management is followed by post-incident analysis where it is determined why the incident happened despite precautions and controls. This information is then used as feedback to further develop the security policy and/or its practical implementation. In the USA, the National Incident Management System, developed by the Department of Homeland Security, integrates effective practices in emergency management into a comprehensive national framework.

From Wikipedia

DataPipe EHS has an Incident Management suite of modules. For more information on DataPipe incident management or EHS software in general, please visit Knorr Associates.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has released an interim final rule that imposes comprehensive federal security regulations for high-risk chemical facilities.

This rule establishes risk-based performance standards for the security of our nation’s chemical facilities. It requires covered chemical facilities to
  • prepare Security Vulnerability Assessments, which identify facility security vulnerabilities, and to
  • develop and implement Site Security Plans, which include measures that satisfy the identified risk-based performance standards.

It also allows certain covered chemical facilities, in specified circumstances, to submit Alternate Security Programs in lieu of a Security Vulnerability Assessment, Site Security Plan, or both.

Development of the Interim Final Rule

Although Section 550 of the DHS Appropriations Act of 2007 gives the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security the authority to issue interim final regulations without prior notice and comment, the Department of Homeland Security chose to release an Advance Notice of Rulemaking (ANRM) on December 21, 2006; this notice sought comments on the proposed text for the interim final rule as well as on various implementation and policy issues related to the chemical security program. The Department received numerous and helpful comments from a variety of stakeholders, analyzed these recommendations, and incorporated many of them in the Interim Final Rule.

Read how the Appendix A: Chemicals of Interest list was developed.

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DataPipe - The Complete EHS Software Solution for Information Management.
Integrate your EH&S data with DataPipe. Knorr Associates has nearly 30 years experience providing an easy-to-use, modular software solution for collecting and managing environment, occupational health, industrial hygiene and safety information. DataPipe™ is a comprehensive, modular software suite incorporating best-of-breed functionality, integration and customization at every level in an easy-to-use solution. DataPipe is accessible from the Web or Windows, offers point-and-click reporting, data exchange with external systems and software, automated email notification, triggered events, extensive customizing capabilities, risk management, environmental compliance, compliance reporting and much more. Learn more about EHS Software.