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HSE Software
What is "HSE Software"?

HSE is an acronym for Environment, Health and Safety. The term "HSE Software" really refers to a database driven enterprise software application that covers data from the various broad fields of environment and waste management, occupational health and medical, safety and industrial hygiene. Typically an HSE manager would be responsible for collecting and storing HSE data for their organization in an HSE software application. That HSE manager will use data over long periods of time to do trending, risk analysis and data mining by utilizing HSE Software reporting tools. HSE managers can play a large roll in compliance, minimization of risk and savings corporate wide with an HSE software tool at their disposal.

When discussing HSE software, you will often here terms like integrating information technology or enterprise information management or data management to describe these types of systems. The main goal of these HSE software systems is to bring together large amounts of data from various disciplines into one centralized data management application (usually driven by a back end database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or DB2). In doing so, an organization can now start looking at their data over longer periods of time to see trends and act on them. This leads to one of the most important aspects of any business which can be handled by HSE software - Risk Management.

Risk management can be stated simply as setting action plans in the face of uncertainty by first understanding and issues related to risk, loss or other incident that can negatively effect your business. HSE software is critical to a successful risk management program. Analysis of your organization's data in ways that have not been looked at before can lead to positive change. This type of trending can only be accomplished with a software solution that can integrate all aspects of your HSE program into one centralized database.

When an organization rolls out an integrated enterprise HSE software solution they are incorporating many areas that until now, have most likely been independent of each other. In some organizations this means that each department has its own excel, access or home built database. Sometimes a few departments even incorporate and off-the-shelf (OTS) software solution. But in the end, each system and each department still works independently of each other without sharing and analyzing data as a whole.

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