Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EH&S Software: Things to Look for When Making a Purchase

There are numerous things that one should look for when purchasing an EHS Software program for an organization. First of all, you want a vendor to be knowledgeable and confident about their software. They should have the experience and should be specialized in the EHS industry. Also, you want a software program that is up to date with the current technology, such as Microsoft .NET. Technology is always changing and staying current is important. Another significant feature is the power of customization. All organizations are different and do certain things their own way. Therefore, having the ability to customize the software in a way that fits the organizations needs is a huge benefit. Another benefit is looking for a software package that has a modular design. A modular solution allows a company to pick and choose the necessary EHS areas that they specifically focus on, and can continue to do so as a company grows. Another key benefit is looking for software that is efficient and easy-to-use. An organization shouldn't have to keep returning to the vendor, but should be able to easily fix and further customize the program themselves whenever necessary. This will save the company time. Also, having security is an important matter. An organization should be able to prevent certain information from being seen by employees, and therefore, having a software program that allows a user to control who sees what in the program is beneficial. These advantages are important when looking for the right high-quality EH&S Software for an organization.